Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday Brunch: Bella's Cafe

On Saturday afternoon, I joined my good friend, Arabella, for a delicious brunch at Bella's Cafe in Westville, New Haven.  I'd never been to Bella's but had heard great things about it and, as a brunch lover, I was definitely up for a visit.  On weekends, brunch/breakfast is served until 4:00pm so we headed over around 12:30pm for a midday meal. 

Our food was absolutely wonderful.  Since we were really hungry (and everything on the menu looked great), we decided to each order an omelet and then share a dessert of french toast stuffed with brie, which was a daily special that came highly recommended by our waiter.  Even though the omelets were great, the home fries and the toast (thick slices of Italian bread) were even better.  We were so full that we considered nixing our french toast order but I'm glad we didn't.  The blend of the warm, sweet bread and the savory cheese was a really good combination. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant is really welcoming and, even though this sounds silly, I love the glasses, which were large, brightly-colored and somewhat translucent.  This meal was my favorite part of the weekend, and now, I can't wait to bring Anthony with me sometime soon. 

Photo courtesy of Bella's Cafe website

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