Thursday, May 24, 2012

$1 Bin Binges

I unabashedly love Target. I'm also a huge fan of the $1 bin section, conveniently positioned right by the entrance so as soon as I enter the store, I am dazzled by the adorable, inexpensive items that I obviously don't need at all. Except that I totally want it all, especially the gift bags, the message pads, and the little plastic buckets (which I think are actually supposed to be for children). Case-in-point: last night, I bought this adorable little cardboard container:

I have no use for this, but I couldn't resist the bunting print or the bright flash of pink inside. I wish that everything I own would fit in the little box so I could carry it all around, holding tight to the purple ribbon handle. It was made to hold something fun, like neon gumballs or striped bobby pins. I don't think I'll have a problem finding a permanent home for it. It was more than worth my dollar.

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