Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel Diary: Four Days in Florida

 We were in West Palm Beach last week for four days, an early summer vacation of sorts. Anthony and I have never been on a 'beach' vacation and this trip was supposed to be a rejuvenating and restful break.  While we did have a great time and were able to relax a bit, the weather didn't really cooperate.  There were lots of cloudy skies, and thunder, and lightning, but also a few warm mornings at the pool while it drizzled, and one really nice visit to the near-empty beach amongst the raindrops.  We made the best of it and in the end, and really just enjoyed being together for four full days.

Some highlights:

  • On our first night, we went to Publix for groceries since we were staying in a condo with a kitchen.  As I walking over towards the muffins, the power went out.  About ten seconds later, the generators popped on.  Later in the check-out line, Anthony overheard someone say that lightening struck the building causing the outage.  Welcome to Florida!
  • All of the restaurants and malls are open with permanent light fixtures, furniture, televisions, etc. that stay outdoors permanently.  What happens when there's a bad storm? So confusing.
  • You can get a sunburn even when there is no sun. That seems like an obvious statement but some of us are idiots (ahem, me...).
  • The ocean was beautiful, and it was relatively clean.  We could see clearly down to our feet. Long Island Sound it was not!

Maybe we'll go back someday.  Or maybe we'll go to another part of Florida, or another place with beaches. I kind of wish we were still there though, sitting on lounge chairs next to each other, looking out at the white-tipped waves.

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