Monday, February 25, 2013


 The cat at the florist fell in love with Anthony.  It's almost like she was attracted to him 
because she could tell he was allergic to kitties. I named her 'Skedaddle.'

Here is a summary of the last couple of weeks:

Proofing wedding invites. Finalizing rehearsal dinner. Standing in line for postal stamps. Going to 50+ stores looking for a dress to wear at my bridal shower.  Panic. Deciding on flowers. Getting quotes from limo companies. Dreaming about our honeymoon. Worrying that people won't have fun at the wedding. Table numbers, favors, centerpieces. Sending out wedding invitations.


I know our wedding day is going to be just wonderful, unforgettable and full of love, but I'll be very happy when we can stop planning the wedding and just be married.  xo

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