Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Carry On" In the Rain

The Grammys aren't my favorite awards show (ahem, Tony Awards) but the performances this year are spot on so far. The best one for me has been Fun.'s  "Carry On," complete with a cityscape emerging behind the band mid-song, followed by an onstage rainstorm.

I read an essay a few months ago about current music trends and the author made a comment about how Fun. should be embarrassed by their music, and that they probably will be down the road.  It's too confessional, too immature.  I immediately felt like I needed to defend the band.  I think it's hard to put yourself out there for the public to pick apart.  Maybe the band will be embarrassed in the future by their spoken word section in the song "Some Nights" but at least they are being true to themselves. And they can perform live, that's for sure. We should support different styles in mainstream music; not everyone will like every song ever recorded but it's brave to expose yourself to that possibility as an artist.  xo

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