Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Potato Chip Try-Out

We never eat potato chips but like every good American consumer, Anthony bought these at the store tonight:

They are part of Lays' contest to find a new chip flavor.  There's also a Sriracha flavor that wasn't on the shelf, presumably all sold out.   I liked the Chicken and Waffles variety better, and Anthony enjoyed the Garlic Cheese Bread more, although he thought they tasted best when the flavors were mixed with one another (can we call that Garlic Chicken Cheesy Waffles?). The seasoning is subtle on both though; I don't think either kind would suffer from a little extra maple or garlic.

I didn't really expect much but I think that the concept is really neat. And Lays has come up with a great way to appeal to new customers too--we're proof that fun marketing works.   Have you tried any of these new flavors? xo

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