Thursday, February 7, 2013

She's Crafty

I love craft stores, but my favorite thing about them is how nice people are within the confines of this magical place stocked with yarn and glitter galore.  Tonight, I bought two yards of mesh netting at Joann Fabrics and the lady at the cutting counter could not wait to ask me what I was making.  She offered suggestions and told me to be confident about completing my project.  The entire time I was in the store, I had been doubting my decision to make my wedding veil instead of just buying one, but after a short conversation with this woman, I felt like I could really make something beautiful.

Crafters are just genuinely interested in what their fellow crafters are up to.  So the next time you find yourself in the check-out line holding a stack of multi-colored felt and the woman behind you asks what you are making, don't be ashamed to share.  (Yes, that happened.  I was sewing a felt banner for Thanksgiving).

P.S. Martha Stewart rules. xo

Photo via Babble

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