Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone Loves a Pizza Party

Pizza parties remind me of second graders and bowling alleys.
  Our Father's Day celebration was a bit more low-key than an elementary school birthday party but still had a bunch of the same elements: folding chairs, presents, paper plates and a fun cake.  The fathers in the group (along with the mothers) seemed to enjoy the throwback celebration.

Nothing makes me feel more like an old timey housewife than making an icebox cake.  I crushed the vanilla wafers using the bottom of an empty jelly jar and although I consider that being resourceful, I'm not sure others would agree. The cake needed to be chilled a bit longer; it was the consistency of watery custard, which really means it looked great but was not quite appetizing.

You win some, you lose some, right? After a few bites, I was majorly craving a piece of Carvel ice cream cake. I can't be the only one who dreams about the chocolate crunchies in the middle. Mmm, just one more thing typically found at a bowling alley pizza party. xo

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