Monday, June 10, 2013

Food Hangover

Yesterday I woke up with a food hangover.  You know the feeling--it always comes after a day of eating way too much, but you don't really mind since you had so much fun doing it. On Saturday, a good friend from college came to visit and a group of us wound up on an all-day food quest. We kind of made up our own Fairfield county food crawl, and honestly, it was pretty great.

It all started at Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford, which is right by the newish Fairway Supermarket (according to the sign, it's the most 'unique grocery store,' whatever that means).  I'm usually a grilled chicken kind of girl, and I tend to stay away from beef and pork, but my brisket sandwich was incredible. The sides were delicious too; I mean, how can you trust a barbecue restaurant unless it has really great macaroni and cheese? In case you can't tell, I'd be willing to do one of those weird trust falls with Dinosaur BBQ at this point because their macaroni and cheese was that good.

The weather was supposed to be horrendous but it turned out to be a beautiful, mild day, which totally made the local meteorologists look like fibbers.  We headed over to the new beer garden at Harbor Point and each had a few drinks. I forgot how wonderful it is to sit with friends on a Saturday afternoon with some beer. The beer garden itself is actually an awesome place to visit on a warm afternoon and we all enjoyed the selection; based on the crowds coming in when we were leaving though, it's probably not the kind of place I'd want to spend my Saturday night. Dear Lord, I'm apparently an old lady. Also, I have never seen so many pastel polo shirts and shorts in one place. Most of the guys looked like giant Easter M&Ms.

Afterward, we headed back north to Valencia Luncheria for arepas and empanadas. We ate outside in front of the restaurant at a picnic table along the sidewalk. I seriously loved my chipotle pork empanada. My friend had been jonesing to try the place since he'd seen it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and he seemed pretty happy with his arepa too.  And I think the waitress who kept calling customers "lover" instead of "love" really made the trip worthwhile.

On the ride home, we stopped at the Shake Shack in Westport. Why not, right?

It should be easier for you to understand my food hangover now. I can't believe I didn't slip into an actual coma.  Way too much food, but the company couldn't have been better.  Aren't impromptu days the best? xo

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