Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grilling Indoors

I found registering for gifts before our wedding to be a really difficult task. We wound up registering at only one place because everything we needed could be found at Macy's and seriously, we live in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment. Where are we expected to put all of these presents?

There was one thing on our registry that I was coveting big-time and in the end, it was one of only five things that were left unpurchased.  I figured I would just go and buy it after the wedding but a few days after returning from our honeymoon, a box showed up from a good friend (actually, the UPS notice showed up on our door since we weren't home but that's neither here nor there). And of course, she bought us the gift I'd wanted all along.

Tonight, I used the brand-new grill pan to make these amazing chicken jalapeno cheddar burgers. The pan actually left grill marks on the burgers. I'm in love, and I'm totally in the process of making a list of other things I can cook in the grill pan (french toast?).

By the way, these burgers were unbelievable. They were super cheesey and then, I added more cheese on top. Cheddar rules. xo

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