Friday, May 31, 2013

Night Out

Last weekend, we were finally able to visit Murray's Cheese Bar. There couldn't have been a better place to duck into for dinner on a cold, rainy night.

There was no way that I was could possibly eat at this restaurant without ordering a cheese plate.  Anthony wouldn't let me take a photo of the plate before we devoured it but as you can see from the remains, or lack thereof, it was delicious. I even had a bite of the charcuterie selection, which was some kind of thinly-sliced cured ham. I so wish I had written down the names of cheeses that we enjoyed (I so want that slate slab, by the way).

For entrees, we ordered the macaroni and cheese and the grilled cheese which came with a small bowl of tomato soup. I could eat an entire pot of the macaroni and cheese, no joke.

So overall, Murray's Cheese Bar was totally worth the wait. The staff was awesome (one of the dudes even brought over this amazing sriracha-type sauce for us which we tried on everything we ordered), and the vibe was super chill. The best part is that afterward we were able to walk two doors down and visit Murray's Cheese, which is one of my favorite places in the city. I want to buy a pound of every cheese in the cases and a box of every type of crackers on the shelves.

And how could we walk by Amy's Bread without stopping in? My orange sugar cookie was so good that I think it should be the official snack of my summer.

What a great night out, if I do say so myself. xo

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