Monday, May 13, 2013

One Month


At this time exactly one month ago, I was saying my marriage vows to Anthony in front of a church filled with friends and family.  I actually don't remember as much about the ceremony as I thought I would. Between my dress and shoes, it took a lot of effort not to fall over on the altar, and I was very aware of the group of people in back of me watching my every move.

I was also very aware of Anthony though, so close next to me in his suit with the polka-dot tie that we picked out together. That was just the beginning of a new chapter in our lives; we're not erasing all of the wonderful years that we've already been a couple, we're just adding to those memories.

So, happy one-month anniversary to my husband. I know that time goes by quickly but I promise to try to take advantage of every minute. And as long as we're with one another, I know I'll be forever happy. xo

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