Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tea Party Time

I went to a bridal shower in New Jersey today for a friend from college.  Per the invitation, I knew that the shower was being held at a tea room so essentially, I was walking into a tea party for grown-ups.  I fretted for days about what to wear; I am totally unprepared wardrobe-wise for an event like this.

But even though I showed up in a regular dress and black cardigan, sans a fascinator, it was a real experience to sip fancy tea and eat scones all afternoon. I don't like cucumber sandwiches but I sure do love jam and clotted cream.  And this was the first time that someone used my married name, although I haven't officially dropped my maiden name yet. (I might hyphenate--any thoughts?) I even won a bottle of wine in a raffle, although to be fair, every attendee won something.

Joyous celebrations always make rainy days better.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here's hoping for a great week ahead. xo

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