Monday, June 24, 2013


The first official weekend of summer actually felt like the first weekend of summer. Translation: I'm super sunburned, and I have a gorgeous 'tan' line started right where my t-shirt sleeves ended on both arms.  I still haven't learned that even if I'm only going to be in direct sunlight for a few minutes, there is a good chance that I will instantaneously turn lobster-red and I should just take a second to slather on some sunscreen.

We used this beautiful weather and a rare free afternoon as an excuse to go on a little adventure. You know how sometimes you live or work right down the street from something but never visit or try it out? Last week, I was reading an article about great beaches in Connecticut when I realized that one of the featured locations is actually in our town. How had we missed this?

The beach was quite empty, a bit unlike the other beaches in town; I imagine that this is kind of what it would be like to rent a private island for an afternoon.  The sand was blanketed with perfect, shiny shells washed up with the tide. They were miserable to cross in order to get to the water but were just gorgeous to look at. 

After a great weekend, it's always hard to get back to the office on a Monday, but we're looking at a four-day work week because we're off to New Hampshire on Friday for a mini-vacation. I can already taste the lobster rolls. xo

A far-away Anthony walking along the shore

Sidenote: I attended Alt NYC last week and cannot wait to share what I learned.  The speakers, the organizers and the attendees were all so amazing and inspirational.  Also, I was about twenty feet from Martha Stewart at one point, which pretty much made my life.

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