Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday! We have some great plans this weekend so I'm really hoping that the weather holds out for just a few days. It's been a very long week, and I have to admit that I'm not sorry at all to say goodbye to it. And I think eating lots of homemade ice cream will make me forget it faster.  In case you are in need of some weekend reads, below are a few of my favorite finds from the past few days. xo

The cake above is Martha Stewart's 7-layer ice cream cake. I want someone to make it for me. (Note: The recipe uses a store-bought poundcake. Score).

Did you hear that DOMA was struck down?

The Met is going to stop using those metal tabs for admissions since they each cost about 3 cents to make. I always kept mine as a souvenir.

These tips on how to make an icebox cake are perfect for summer.

I love old cookbooks so this story about vintage recipe cards is so awesome.

And finally, I typically find it difficult to write in silence so this site, Coffitivity, has been really great. It provides the perfect background noise for me to concentrate on getting words on the paper (or in the empty Word document on my laptop screen).

Photo of 7-layer ice cream cake is from the new Martha Stewart site

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