Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekend Reading

Welcome to the holiday weekend, my friends! Most people had today off and celebrated with a four-day weekend, but I was at work, answering emails in my extremely quiet office.  The last few days have been so humid so we're doing our best to stay cool with our little air conditioner in our bedroom. Plus, my birthday is tomorrow, and it's one of my least favorite days of the year.  Our plan is to head into the city and just have a nice day in empty Manhattan. I have high hopes for the year ahead; then again, I try to be optimistic as possible. And if you're looking for some reading material, below are links to some of my favorite things this week. xo

Design Crush shared this unbelievable round-up featuring 108 recipes for ice creams and sorbets. I've never made ice cream before but if anything is going to make me try, it's this collection. Nom nom.

I want to make a gazillion of these Instagram-Poloroid magnets, cover our fridge with them and then hand them out to all of our friends.

This recipe for buttermilk cornbread looks great but the accompanying bacon-lime-chili butter looks even better.

This whale sprinkler is beyond kickass. I wish we had a backyard.

All twenty-five of these books are being added to my must-read list. What are you reading right now?

Photo courtesy of Gray Malin, who's aerial photos of parks in New York and Chicago are breathtaking; via honestlywtf

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