Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend Reads


This week had that 'lazy summer' feel to it: long days, warm nights, an unquenchable thirst for slightly sour lemonade, and true lack of focus, at least for me.  

We don't have a pool or even a backyard, but as soon as summer hits, all I want to do is throw some kind of outdoor party. I want to make big bowls of fresh salsa and homemade guacamole and string up twinkle lights. Oh, and that blender we have but never use? I want that thing to be whizzing all night with slushy margaritas.

So my goal is to have a margarita this weekend, even if we don't make it ourselves. The rest of our plans include some furniture assembly, a little bit of grocery shopping and maybe a stop in my hometown at the annual Savin Rock Fest on the water. I also have this grand idea of making an official 'Summer' bulletin board list, although it might just be an excuse to use the blackboard paint I bought two years ago.  There's no shame in a healthy love of crafts.

I'm wishing lovely weekends for you all.  Here's a quick round-up of a few of my favorites reads from the week. Stay cool, dears! xo

  • This NPR story about Green Houses instead of nursing homes for the elderly really struck a chord in me.

Beautiful photo above courtesy of Bits of Pretty blog

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