Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Love and Marriage

I love weddings. Have I ever mentioned that? This weekend, Anthony and I attended our first wedding as a married couple and it was a lovely night of celebrating with friends, drinking champagne and dancing on a full dance floor.  The bride and groom were beautiful and just so in love.  I must say that it's so much easier to be carefree when it isn't your own wedding, and I know that from experience now.  I've never had such a wonderful time with my husband; I feel like I fall in love with him more and more every day, and Saturday night was no exception. 

And yes, I did cry. It's always the toasts that push me over.

The country club was sprawling; I had to resist the urge to walk around on the golf course. I also really wanted to lounge in one of these Adirondack chairs (did I mention it was hot outside?) but I thought it might be frowned upon since I was in a fancy dress at a very fancy place.  The men weren't even allowed to untuck their shirts, forget about undoing their ties. It was kind of a sweat fest.

But we totally rocked Table 12.  Oh, and we did a pretty good job at the sundae bar too. 

There's nothing better than a twirly, whirly summer wedding. xo

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