Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend Reads

Happy Friday! If you made it through the week without melting to death or drowning in your own sweat, congratulations! I'm a cold-weather girl so when the weather is this hot, it's almost hard to remember a time when it wasn't sweltering. Man, I miss my scarves.

So it seems like this week's theme was 'Just Make It Through--You Can Do It!' Other than full, busy days at the office, I feel like the only thing I did was concentrate on not sticking to the couch. I did put in a long day of jury duty on Wednesday though; they picked for eight cases and I somehow emerged free at the end of the day.  Sitting in a room full of strangers for hours was a real experience. It's worth noting that most people were wearing clothes to court that I wouldn't wear out of my apartment. Tie-dyed shirts? See-through yoga pants? I'd hate to see what they think is appropriate to wear to a funeral.

I hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend--we're headed to a country-club wedding tomorrow night. Yay for celebrating love (Dear Lord, I hope the venue is air-conditioned). If you are looking for some reading material, here are some of my favorite reads from the week.  Stay cool, my lovelies! xo

  • REI has this awesome diagram detailing the assembly process of a s'more. I'm officially on the lookout for a campfire.

Photo of asperatus clouds over New Zealand via NASA Astronomy site

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