Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: Fireworks, Birthdays and Extreme Heat

Fireworks, birthdays and heat are three words that truly describe this weekend.

Thursday was spent celebrating my best friend's birthday, her fiance's birthday and, of course, America's birthday. How adorable is this red, white and blue pom-pom garland?

Could Charlie the Mastiff be any cuter? He's actually trying to hide behind this bush.

Spotted at Target: Pillsbury Key Lime box cake mix. This was one impulse buy I couldn't pass up.

Saturday was my birthday and we met friends in the city for brunch. Afterward, we all headed up to MoMA to see the Rain Room exhibit, but the museum was super crowded and we were only able to observe from an area off to the side.  The effect of the rain falling from the ceiling is amazing, creating tiny prisms with every drop. There are sensors above that shut off the water when someone is below just that area so basically, you are standing in the rain but aren't getting wet. What a wonderful concept with an almost magical result, although I would never have waited two hours to actually experience the exhibit myself.

(Note to MoMA: you should seriously consider limiting the amount of time visitors have in the Rain Room. There was a group of ten people just standing there for twenty minutes talking about dinner plans. The rest of the time they were taking and re-taking pictures on their iPhones. The same group was there when we went in and was still there when we left. Everyone deserves a chance but without limits, people take advantage.  That is all.)

I will readily admit that these photos truly don't do justice to the beauty of the rain and the rainbow effect as the spotlight hits the sheets of water.

Finally, in order to cool off after spending the entire day at my grandparents' sweltering house, Anthony and I celebrated my birthday by sitting in our air-conditioned bedroom eating Crumbs cupcakes and watching Friends reruns. It was a perfect ending to one of the best birthdays that I've celebrated in the last ten years or so.

This photo below is from Wednesday night's fireworks display in Stratford. The bursts are always so beautiful in the sky but I can never fully capture that with a camera. This gives you a pretty good idea of the show though.

I hope you all had wonderful, relaxing, patriotic, popsicle-filled weekends. xo

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