Saturday, April 24, 2010

81 Years Old...

Today is my grandfather's birthday.  He's 81 but he looks much younger, and acts much younger too.  He loves gardening, the casino, sudoku, his new iTouch, fresh bread for breakfast and his family.  We had cake for him tonight and even though he made us promise not to get him presents, Anthony and I bought him a Topsy-Turvy, one of those hanging garden contraptions that are shown in 5-minute commercials on cable television after 10pm.  He loves to garden but has a hard time getting down on the ground to dig, weed and pick the vegetables.  This tomato plant-grower will sit on the back deck and hopefully produce something, although I doubt that 300 pounds of tomatoes will sprout, like the commercial claims. 

Since my grandpa's new favorite thing to do at the casino is to play keno, I made a special card for him:

He seemed to love it.  Here's my Poppy being a good sport and posing with the card:

Happy birthday to the best grandfather--I wish for him many more years of happiness and a thriving garden this summer.

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