Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hosting A Successful Easter

Today, we had a full apartment.  A and I hosted Easter and prepared a real feast for his mom, my parents, my grandparents and my godmother.  I really wanted to make this holiday special--for weeks, I've been bookmarking different projects and recipes for the big day.  All in all, everything turned out well and everyone seemed to have a great time.  I've found that I really enjoy hosting these occasions but that I get much more stressed than I would like.  It just seems like things all need to be done at once and even with multi-tasking, I can only accomplish so much in a limited amount of time.  Below, I've been posted some photos of my holiday projects, most of them from Martha Stewart. 

First up, these are lunch-bag flower holders.  I wish that I bought a small mum to stick in there but I used small vases instead and these really cute accent flowers.

Here is what Martha's looked like:

I also made these egg-shell vases, per Martha's suggestion.  I didn't have any egg cups to put them in so I improvised.

Martha's do look better but I really like my idea to use part of an egg carton.

In addition to these, I took on a huge project and made traditional seven-layer Italian cookies.  The recipe told me that it would take about eleven hours and that was not an exaggeration.  I'll post a separate note on that later in the week with pictures.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that you enjoyed this beautiful spring day!

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