Friday, April 9, 2010

Sex & the City Movie, Part II

I started watching Sex & the City way after new episodes were coming out on HBO.  The show had already won tons of awards and acclaim by the time I watched my first episode, which was an edited version shown on TBS at 10:00pm on a Wednesday night.  The characters and storyline were interesting enough so I tuned in the next week too.  And soon after, I was watching Sex and the City nightly in syndication on Channel 11.  I even have the first few seasons on DVD--it's definitely an experience to watch the full episodes if you have only seen the edited and 'clean' ones on network television. 

When the first movie came out, I saw it on opening night.  I stood in line with hundreds of other ladies (and my boyfriend, bless him) so that I could sit in a dark theater for three hours and learn what has happened to these four central characters that I grew to love.  Even though I thought it was a great continuation of the series, I still had reservations when I heard a second one was being filmed.  For a split, insane moment, I thought that I might not see it at all.

Now that the new trailer is out, I have changed my mind and cannot wait for May 27.  There are very few movies that people will actually wait in line to see anymore.  When I was in high school, I remember standing in line (or arriving and finding a sold-out show) almost every Friday night.  Every release was a big one--the Batman movies, the Spiderman movies, Men in Black.  I love getting excited about the release of a new film and although the Sex & the City 2 trailer looks almost as impractical and unbelievable as the whole series was, I will be in line to see it opening weekend for sure.

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