Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shake Shack!

I'm sure this will be the first of many posts on this topic but I love New York City.  Growing up a little less than two hours away ensured several trips a year when I was young.  Once I hit college, I sometimes made it in once a week.  And now that I'm an adult with responsibilities and a full-time job, blah blah, I only make it once every month or two.  Even though the shopping and the museums are wonderful, the parks are some of my favorite places to visit.  Once inside Central Park, it's hard to think about the pulsing city that surrounds it.  The smaller parks that are hidden behind townhouses or just come right out of nowhere while you are walking are the best.  New York City parks allow visitors to pretend like they are locals. Sitting on a bench with your shoes off while sipping an iced tea lets you blend in and experience being a 'true' New Yorker for even just a few minutes. 

Last September, A and I took a rare vacation day off together and traveled into New York on a Friday.  It was beautiful out and we walked down to Herald Square and from there headed to the Flatiron District.  Once there, I made a beeline towards Madison Square Park to claim my spot at the end of the Shake Shack line.  I had heard so much about the burgers, shakes and fries from this stand that I had to try some myself and A was totally down to help.  We sat at a small, metal table and ate and talked until the sun started to go down and it got a bit chilly, but we were having such a great time, we stayed a bit longer.  The lights went on in the park and soon, we were surrounded by families with their kids and dogs and it was just lovely.

I was reminded of that day this morning when I saw that the Shake Shack just posted its shake menu for April.  With 'Pancakes and Bacon' scheduled for Saturdays, I see another lazy New York Saturday afternoon in our future! 

(This image is from TimeOut New York, but it looks exactly like the meal we had!)

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