Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Me Fair Orchid

When I was fifteen years old, it was mandatory to attend a full-day retreat before I made my confirmation so on a warm September Saturday, I joined 30 other teenagers in the basement of an old Catholic school to listen to a group of college kids discuss religion.  Although a lot of the talk that day was about God, I mainly remember the activities that they made us do so that we could "find" ourselves. If we didn't know who we truly were, how could we figure out what our special relationship with God was, according to the instructors?  (Stay with me here because I'm going somewhere with this).

One of the exercises we did was to pick one crayon from a box of hundreds that best represented ourselves.  I took this task very seriously, sorting through the colors much longer than everyone else, finally deciding on a pale tan crayon.  Kind of beige, kind of boring, completely inconspicuous.  Then, we had to say in front of everyone why we chose that color and why it represents us.  The only thing I could say when it was my turn was, "It doesn't stand out, light brown is ordinary.  It just blends in with the other colors."  Everyone stared at me.  How telling is that of my teenage self?

I like to think I've grown since then.  I'm not as shy, but I'm never going to be the outgoing one or the life of the party.  I finally think I'm okay with that.

So when I looked at this Colorstrology site (sponsored by Pantone), I was happy to see that based on my birthday, Fair Orchid is my color.  According to my birthday color:

Yes, I think this describes me better than that light tan crayon that I picked out almost fifteen years ago.  Even though this is just the result of a silly colorstrology/astrology reading, I really identify with the description.  I'm proud to be Fair Orchid.

What about you? Find out what your birthday color is and let me know if you think it matches your actual personality.

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