Friday, March 30, 2012

Looking Passed It All

Sometimes days are hard; sometimes weeks are hard.  This has been a hard week. 

When I'm low, usually all I have to do is look at Anthony and I'm cheered up (I guess I'm marrying the right person!).  He's been in Indiana for work since Tuesday and it'll be so nice to see him on Sunday.  And I'm happy that the weekend is finally here.  I'm planning to meet up with an old friend (and roommate!) in New York for a gossip-filled lunch, see my future mother-in-law for dinner and then celebrate my grandmother's 80th(!) birthday with my family.  I'm trying not to let all the recent yuckiness and frustration get in the way of enjoying all of the wonderful things around me.

Have a wonderful weekend, loves. xo

P.S. Daffodils make me happy. 

Image from Bridal Musings via Laura Murray Photography

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