Friday, March 23, 2012


It's amazing how just a few pictures can sum up an entire week.  Well, some of the week, like when we weren't working or sleeping, which leaves very little time to do anything worth sharing. 

The Girl Scout cookies that I ordered two months ago finally arrived.  Now that I have them, I kind of wish I ordered more to freeze.

At JoAnn Fabrics, I bought stuff for our wedding (the giant 'C' and 'A') and for Easter cards (the orange felt).  Plus, I had a killer coupon that I finally got to use. 

I've been eating Healthy Choice meals for lunch while at work about three times a week.  I think that there was a mistake when these boxes went to the printer; shouldn't it be 'NEW' not 'NOW' in the left corner? Or is Healthy Choice forcefully telling people to buy, like 'NOW?'"

We're going to a St. Patrick's Day parade this weekend and I'm bringing brownies with whiskey aka Irish Brownies.  Anthony had to go to the liquor store and buy mini bottles for me since we definitely don't have a large supply of whiskey in the apartment. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Any big plans? Any small plans? Sometimes having no plans is the best. xo

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