Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting to the Bottom of Macarons

Truth: I've never tasted a macaron.  You know the ones that I'm talking about, those beautiful round treats that come in every color imaginable and are displayed in front windows of French bakeries.  In fact, for the longest time, I thought they were coconut patty-type treats (those are apparently a different type of macaron, aka macaroon).  According to this Martha Stewart recipe, they mainly consist of sugar, egg whites and almond flour.  Sounds too easy for such a beautiful result, right?

Macarons are the 'newish' thing in New York City, and even though I've seen them at a bunch of different places, I love the ones from the Macaron Parlour.  They are so cheerful and the flavors are really interesting (I'd love the try the 'smores or tiramisu variety).  The Macaron Parlour is opening up a shop on St. Mark's Place this summer but until then, their goods can be found at the Hester Street Fair, Lily O'Brien's or even on Etsy.  The next time I'm in the city, I'm going to track down one of these macarons and try them for myself.

Images courtesy of Macaron Parlour

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