Thursday, January 13, 2011

Longing to Try Square Doughnuts

Two years ago when Anthony and I were in San Diego, we made a special trip to a bakery called Cupcakes Squared.  I was so excited about this place because, as their name suggests, they actually make square cupcakes.  The storefront was adorable and we bought four different flavors to try.  Even though we thought another bakery's cupcakes were better, I loved the quirkiness of the square dessert and I was happy we tried them.

I'm reminded of this because there is a restaurant called Orangeside Luncheonette a few blocks from my office and I just read that they are serving square doughnuts.  Not only do they look delicious, but I love that they are square.  The owner learned how to make them because he was unhappy with the quality of doughnuts in the area (plus, no other New Haven establishment actually makes fresh doughnuts!) and he is selling almost 20 dozen a day, charging $1.50 per doughnut.  I'm planning to make a trip later this week and I can't wait to taste them.  Yay to squares!

Photo courtesy of Yale Daily News

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