Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Optimistic Outlook

Good morning, my dears!  I apologize for the recent radio silence.  I've been ill with a cough that rattles my chest and head, which makes it impossible to think clearly.  I'm on the mend though and, for once, am feeling optimistic about the new year.

Yes, that's right--I'm being optimistic.  2010 wasn't the year I had hoped it would be, but I have plans for a great 2011.  I'm even following the lead of a friend and made a list of goals.  This year, I will take a class at Murray's Cheese in New York City (nom nom, cheese!), I will read more (and recap the books here) and Anthony and I will finally move to a new apartment.  For sure, things are looking up.

I also plan to post a bit more regularly here on Open Door #4, and, as always, am thankful for the few but faithful readers I have right now.  Thanks for staying with me--I know it'll be a wonderful 2011 for you, too!

Photos courtesy of weheartit's MuffinMoon

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